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What are Toxic Links ?

Toxic backlinks are links that can weaken your website’s SEO. Websites that have toxic links will be penalized by Google’s Penguin update and have low ranking potential – this means fewer organic visitors. If Google notices a high number of such links they may even exclude or remove your website from their database.

How are Toxic BackLinks Created ?

Toxic backlinks can happen organically, through previous black hat back linking or from competitor’s sabotage efforts.

Some of the organic factors that increases the toxicity of a backlink are:

Mirror Pages

Low Domain Power

Poor Layout

Reason & Solutions

If you’ve noticed that your website has a lot of toxic links, the SEO company that you previously or currently are engaging may be responsible for some less than white hat back linking efforts. As link building requires tremendous time and effort, some companies gather spam links to give their client’s website a sudden boost. However, such practices are detrimental to the website in the long run and might incur a penguin penalty. Competitors may also sabotage your website by hiring freelancers to use bots to create spammy links to your website.

Upon engagement, we will help to do an initial review and analysis on your website to ensure removal of such toxic links. This includes:

Initial Backlink Analysis

Google Penalty Check

We will also conduct a web audit covering:

Domain Statistics

Domain Statistics

Domain Level Issue

Canonicalization Issues

URLS Optimization

Dead Pages


Duplicates Pages


Robots.txt Creation/Optimization


SEO friendly tags


HTML code Validation

Page load time recommendation

Mobile Friendly Recommendations

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