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15DecTop Reasons Why the Ranking of Your Website Drops

Has your website ranking dropped? Concerned about less traffic on your website? Well, it is indeed a matter of concern. Ranking high on Google search results is at the core of every business. It helps companies increase their brand visibility and drive traffic. For this reason, businesses opt for SEO services in Singapore. However, a drop in the website rankings can affect traffic significantly. To solve the problem, you must understand the reason why it drops.

Here are some of the common reasons for the dropping in website rankings. Let’s explore!

  • Broken Links

It is no surprise that backlinks are vital for SEO purposes. That is why companies try to acquire high-quality backlinks to rank high on the search engine result page. However, what if there are too many broken links on your website? It will automatically affect your ranking, and your website may disappear from the first search engine result pages. So, make sure to check your inbound links regularly and fix the broken links at the earliest.

  • Slow Loading

Google wants to deliver the best user experiences to people. Therefore, it prioritizes the loading speed of the website as people hate to wait longer for websites to display the desired content. So, if your websites require more than 2 seconds to load, you may get penalized by Google, and your ranking may drop. Connecting with an SEO agency in Singapore can help in fixing the technical issues and improve your website loading speed.

  • Low-Quality Links

Link building is important for SEO. However, adding low-quality links can affect the ranking of your website. If you use outdated or spammy links, you are likely to be penalized by Google. As a result, your ranking will drop. Remember, all the links are not equal. Therefore, focus on getting only high-quality links for your website.

  • Irrelevant or Duplicate Content

Providing relevant content to the users is the key to driving traffic and ranking high on the search engine. Google aims to help users find accurate answers to their queries. So, if your content is of low quality or outdated, it can hurt your ranking. Moreover, Google is strictly against duplication of content. When you add duplicate content to your website, your website ranking and traffic are sure to suffer.

  • Google Algorithm Update

The change in Google’s algorithm can also have a significant impact on your website ranking. If you do not update your website as per the latest algorithms, your rank will go down. So, stay updated with the changing algorithms of Google and improve your ranking.


In addition, server overload, difficult internal navigation, and poor user experience are other reasons for the drop in ranking. Now that you know the potential causes, it is time to evaluate your website and fix the issues. For that, you may require the assistance of SEO experts. Hire the professionals of SEO Soars and improve the ranking of your website. As the best SEO company in Singapore, the professionals deliver exceptional services to drive more traffic for businesses.


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