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Visuals speak much more than only words. That is exactly why businesses add images to their content online. It is obvious that no one likes to engage with monotonous content that lacks images. Therefore, adding images helps make the content more appealing and increases engagement. However, you cannot just add any image. Inserting well-optimized images is the key to success online and ranking high on Google. If you find it difficult to optimize the images yourself, you can always partner with an SEO agency in Singapore.

Wondering how to optimize your image? Here are some easy steps you will have to follow. Let’s explore!

  • Run a Speed Test

Before you proceed with image optimization, the first thing to do is to run a speed test. It will give you an idea of your website’s current speed. So you can easily measure the impact of your image optimization efforts later.

  • Select the Right Format

Choosing the right image format is the key to adding clear images to your content while ensuring great speed. From JPG to PNG and GIF, there are various image file formats. It can be challenging to choose the right one. Especially if you are doing it for the first time, getting confused is pretty obvious. Well, all you need to do is know which format works best for what kind of images. For instance, images of places, things, or people, go for JPG. But if you want to add screenshots, using the PNG format can be ideal. The SEO services experts in Singapore usually recommend using JPG images in your content.

  • Resize and Compress the Images

Is your site taking more time to load? If yes, one of the reasons could be the big size of the images. No one likes to wait longer for websites to reload. So, if you want to lower your abandonment rate, resize and compress the images. Compressing the images can increase the speed of your website and enhance its overall performance. Don’t have any idea of resizing the images? Do not worry! You can leverage online image editors and get the job done in no time.

  • Leverage WordPress Plugins for Automating Image Optimization

Having a very hectic schedule and less time for image optimization? The best thing is that you can automate the process. All you need to do is use the right WordPress plugin for automating image optimization. Once done, it will allow you to skip several manual steps and save time.

  • Utilize the “Blur Up” Technique

What if you have compressed the images, but your website still takes time to load? If that’s the case, you must leverage the blur-up technique. It is a technique to trick the users. It helps in displaying a small file first and then the whole image. It prevents visitors from leaving your website and optimizes the visuals effectively.


Following these steps will enable you to easily optimize images for SEO and boost the speed of your website. Still, if you need expert assistance, you can connect with an SEO company in Singapore. SEOsoars is one of the best providers of SEO solutions that can help you accelerate your site performance.

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