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Business development is at an all-time high. With most firms moving online, SEO has come as the primary method of marketing. If you’re looking to make the shift from traditional methods to SEO, we’d say better late than never. However, with so many firms already using SEO services, standing out may be difficult. This is why we’ve brought you a quick guide to SEO that helps you stand apart despite the tough competition. Ranking high on Google requires these steps, so read carefully!

Audit your website

You may be wondering how you do this? Well, auditing is as easy as ever. You can run your link through any site audit tool. These tools help you find technical errors, identify SEO problems and analyse the content and UX of your website. Once you’re aware of the SEO issues within your website, you’ll know exactly what goals to set for SEO. This gives you a targeted approach as compared to your competitors and helps you stand out. You can customise and analyse customer-oriented keywords and leverage your SEO strategy according to these as well.

Keyword Research is essential

Speaking about keywords, knowing the ones that leverage your brand the most is essential. Keywords are the terms customers use to search for products and services online. Using tools like Google Adwords, SEMRush or Webmaster tools is usually enough. When deciding upon keywords, selecting long-tailed keywords are a good option to make your branding more targeted. Additionally, a low competition keyword can be leveraged for better SEO optimisation as well. Either way, select an appropriate SEO provider to help you out with these. 

On-page optimisation is a key resource

Ensuring that you have all the keywords associated with your brand in your header, meta-text, and website is essential. We also recommend ensuring that you’ve image searches and alt text optimised for Google Image search. Including these items on every page of your website is essential. It creates better chances of exposure. They also help your webpage to be more accessible to your target customers.

Off-page optimisation is important

Backlinking is one of the key off-page optimisation techniques.  This is an elementary technique used in SEO to link your website to other relevant websites. Link building is a strategy that follows this and ensures your brand can reach out to larger audiences. Appearing on SERPs is essential for your brand to get exposure. Occasional guest posts on relevant blogs and social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit also give better leverage.

Reviews and brand mentions help boost engagement

Reviews and brand mentions are what make your business build trust with customers. Your site’s ranking is dependent upon these factors. Good reviews help you get better rankings and bring you to the forefront. Thus, we recommend focusing on the quality of services or products you are delivering to your clients. Make the experience worth their while and get better reviews to stand out.

We recommend you find a good SEO partner that can devise an appropriate strategy for your brand with all of the above considerations in mind.

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