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What is link building?

Link building is the process of building high quality backlinks directed to your webpage. You cannot rely on 1 or 2 backlinks, you will have to create multiple backlinks and categories of those links. Simply, it is to obtain links from other websites to yours and it can dramatically improve your ranking and authority if executed the right way.

Links to your websites are signals to search engine that your page offers value to consumers. It shows that your website’s content is trusted and creates a positive association to your brand. Without a proper back linking strategy, most businesses see that their website has dropped down the search listings as it is one of the most critical aspects of SEO.

Backlinks can be classified based on how they are acquired:

  1. Natural In-content editorial Links

Links that are not acquired from paying money, asking, trading or exchanging. These links are naturally given by other website owners due to good content and research and they want their audience to refer to it. A natural link depends on the other website owner.

  1. Acquired Links

Links that are acquired through payment or exchanging, also known as organically obtained links. They could be advertisements, directory links and comments on forums, blogs or articles. You could also reach out manually to website owners to post your link in an exchange for a write up and backlink back to their site. It is a tedious process and it depends on the 2 site owners and the content you are writing.

  1. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarkings have search engine optimization value as they are scanned by search engine crawlers. It is a way of categorizing and saving web pages on the web and they have anchor text that are shared and stored publicly for information.

Backlinks act as endorsements of your site’s authority, however, they are considered the hardest SEO Technique to perfect. In order to earn successful links you will need to spend a tremendous amount of time and resources to build a following.

By creating content and letting links accrue on its own is not feasible for most companies. Hence, most companies would need to engage a link builder to help build their website’s authority.

Our SEO Packages Includes.

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