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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach focusing on creating relevant, value added and consistent content in order to build and retain a specific audience. It increases engagements and search engine rankings through the creation and sharing of high quality information. Ultimately, it can pump up your SEO to drive a profitable customer action by solving their problems.

Why Content Marketing?

  1. It helps you to connect with your ever-changing consumer base.

Technology has changed the way consumers interact with information and make decisions. With nearly the entire population owning a smartphone, your content has the potential to reach a global audience. As the average adult spends more than 11 hours a day engaging in multiple content channels, more than ever before, your business has a chance to sustain a consistent dialogue with your consumer base.

  1. Drives conversions without being pushy

Content marketing is responsible for 6 times as many conversions as compared to traditional marketing. This is because consumers are craving for well thought out and informative content over advertisements. Consumers are getting smarter and like to make informed decisions before buying any product or engaging services. They prefer to buy than to be sold to. With content and information available to them at their fingertips they would rather engage with someone who is an expert in the subject matter.

  1. Saves money and drives sales

Content marketing costs 60% less and yields 3 times as many leads as compared to traditional marketing. Content marketing will help to lower your marketing budget and drive more sales by generating higher quality leads.

Content marketing services in our SEO Packages include:

Blog Writing

Blog Promotion into 2 Websites

PDF Creation of Blogs

PDF Submission

On-site Blog Promotion

Youtube/DailyMotion Video Promotion

Submission of video with optimized title and Description Tag for 2 keywords

Image Promotion

Infographic creation and promotion

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